Aluminium Roof Lanterns

A roof lantern is generally a glazed structure installed on a flat roof, which allows natural light into a room, often referred to as a skylight. However, as you can see from the pictures below, the lantern can also be installed on top of pitched roofs. Available in many sizes and styles, finished in any RAL colour and made-to-measure to your exact specifications. A comprehensive range of glazing is available including clear toughened, anti-sun, easy cleaning and solar control.

Please also see our Roof Lantern Fitting Stages page.

Double Hipped Roof Lantern with Upstands

aluminium lantern with upstands

This double hipped roof has ‘upstands’ under the main roof. These upstands can either be fixed or opening vents. Vents are usually controlled using a ring pull handle and pole. Roof vents can be incorporated (see below) and can either be manual or electric operation. This picture shows a roof without cresting or finials - giving the top of the roof a clean, modern finish.

Double Hipped Roof Lantern without Upstands

aluminium lantern without upstands

This roof illustrates a roof lantern without ‘upstands’ and is finished in a popular grey colour. A roof vent and crested ridge cover are shown here as a comparison to the roof above. The grey colour does not have to be on both sides - you can always have different colours inside and out.

Flat Roof Lanterns

flat aluminium roof lantern

Our flat roof lights are low-lying, slim and descreet, designed specially to be installed on flat roofs. These flat roof lanterns are oftern specified for use in conservation areas. Although they are flat they still need to be installed on a slight pitch to allow for water run off. New and improved, it is now even slimmer! Read More

8 and 12 Section Hipped Roof Lanterns

12 sided roof lantern on pitched roof

8 sided and 12 sided (8 - 12 facets) aluminium roof lanterns are very popular. They offer an alternative to the more usual hipped and gable rectangular or square roofs and look great in both period and modern settings. As with all our roofs they can be glazed with polycarbonate or glass (glass recommended) and can be finished in any single or dual RAL colour.

Commercial Roofs

roof lantern installed in a commercial situation

The majority of our roofs kits are used in domestic applications, but the specification and strength of our aluminium roofs makes them equally as suitable for commercial applications. This image shows one of several roofs on this job and demonstrates that our roof system comfortably accommodates both small and large roofs alike, offering a wide choice of interchangeable profiles. Such as attractive slim-line bars for use on smaller roofs and bigger bars, a selection of structural ring beams and the ability to strengthen our roofs with steel for additional strength for larger roofs as required.